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Announcement   Telex has been known as a leader in intercom, wireless and assistive communication for years. It is this rich history of the highest technology design and rock-solid manufacturing that Starin is pleased to make our new Assistive Listening System solution.

For all of the valuable resellers, users, and partners over the years who have supported us with Gentner, we now invite you to get the same kind of value and reliability you liked now in SOUNDMATE from Telex. With most products, Telex and Gentner are also cross compatible! Starin will have these in-stock, ready to ship just as you have relied on us before.

Take us up on our Try It To Like It program to be assured you and your customer will be satisfied. Order it and you will have a 30 day right to return.
Last Change/Effective Date: 05/29/2018


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Accessories Chargers Headphones / Earbuds / Loops Assorted
Assitive Listening Components
Translation/Guide (216Mhz... Components
Assitive Listening - Components
Model Description Pricing
Model Name #RX-1A
‡RX-1A - Single Channel Receiver

• Low cost & Easy to use
• Long battery life with (2) AA batteries
• Includes Single Earbud
List: $88.00
Translation/Guide (216Mhz) - Components
Model Description Pricing
‡Venture-Base - Shelf Transmitter

• Transmits to an area of more than 700,000 square feet
• Universal input accepts a variety of audio sources
• Transmits on 19 channels (216MHz frequency band)
List: $667.00
‡Venture-1 - Single Channel Digital Receiver

• RF system works outdoors and in bright light
• Digitally tuned to lock on to desired frequency
• Extra long battery life with (2) AA batteries
List: $136.00
‡Venture-6 - Six Channel Digital Receiver

• RF system works outdoors and in bright light
• Extra long battery life with (2) AA batteries (not included)
• Large ON / OFF / Volume Control
List: $164.00
Accessories - Chargers
Model Description Pricing
‡BC-10B Battery Charger

• Charges Gentner receivers or portable trasmitters using Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries
• Trickle charges up to (10) at a time
• LED status indicators show charging status of each slot
List: $449.00
Accessories - Headphones / Earbuds / Loops
Model Description Pricing
List: $27.00
‡Single Earbud
List: $6.00
‡Neck Strap
List: $3.00
‡Dual Earbud
List: $11.00
‡Earbud Ear Cushion (Qty 1)
List: $1.00
‡Mono Headphone Ear Cushion (Qty 1)
List: $2.22
‡Dynamic Earphone

• For users with severe to profound hearing impairments
List: $17.00
‡Telecoil Neckloop
List: $131.47
Accessories - Assorted
Model Description Pricing
‡Single Rechargeable Ni-Cd AA battery (Sold & shipped individually)

• Gentner Receivers and portal transmitters require Qty 2 to operate
List: $4.75
‡Dual Unit Rack Mount Kit
List: $97.96
‡ALS Plaque
List: $20.74
‡Window Sticker
List: $2.00
‡Digital-6 Plus Volume Control POT Variable Resistor Part
List: $4.00
Ear Cushion (100 Pack)
List: $17.00
‡Wrist Strap
List: $4.00
‡Lavaliere Microphone for Venture Express Portable Transmitter
List: $22.00
‡Professional Adjustable Headset Mic And Earset For Express Transmitter & Venture Receiver
List: $155.00
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