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Question: I am trying to make my own antenna cable, is the connector on the back of the TX-37A special? [Show Answer]
Question: How far can I run the antenna from the TX-37A? [Show Answer]
Question: I have an RX-1A that does not hold its frequency, what can be done? [Show Answer]
Question: Can the RX-1A be serviced? [Show Answer]
Question: What is the main difference between the "ALS" series and the "Venture" series? [Show Answer]
Question: How many ALS receivers do I need? [Show Answer]
Question: I have a Venture Express and need a headset mic. I see that you offer two types. What's the difference? [Show Answer]
Question: What are the RF levels of the TX-37A? [Show Answer]
Question: Can the BC-10B charger charge batteries rated at higher mAh than those listed on the specification sheet? [Show Answer]
Question: Does the Gentner 910-402-202 Single Unit Rack Mount Kit come with side-mounting screws? [Show Answer]
Question: What range does the TX37A / ALS system work on? [Show Answer]
Question: What range does the Venture Series work on? [Show Answer]
Question: What is the emission designator for the Gentner transmitters? [Show Answer]
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